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Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino Corso di Laurea triennale in Design Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design

undergraduate programme in Design

Study design in San Marino means to get a college education in the fields of product and visual design, with excellent teachers, qualified services and a selected number of students.

The designer creates artifacts, tools and services of our world. More precisely , it means to contribute with other people in business companies, institutions, or firms, to identify, plan, design, produce, communicate, distribute and dispose of all that is produced artificially to inhabit and live on our planet .
Just to name a few, the study of design encompasses individual and collective transportation; the furniture of houses and offices; publishing projects of books, newspapers, and websites; and the apps for electronic devices.

Features of the course

Established in 2005, the undergraduate degree in Design of the University of the Republic of San Marino is organized in collaboration with the University Iuav of Venice and its degree is legally valid both in Italy and in San Marino.
The undergraduate program in Design is characterized by some specific features.
A small and selected number of students (one hundred each year) are admitted to the program to ensure a high level of attention to the students’ body and a close relationship between teachers and students.
Academic subjects are divided into theoretical classes - of great importance for an indispensable cultural and scientific academic education - technical classes, and design labs.
The labs are open to up to fifty students and are mostly led by designers working at the highest levels in the professional world. They are also characterized by an approach that combines theoretical knowledge with research and experimentation.
During the three years of the program, students participate in labs that focus on product, visual, and multimedia design; students in their third year can also specialize in the area of product or graphic design and graduate with a thesis, always with the support of their designated teachers. After graduating in Design, students can choose to work in the professional field or to continue their graduate studies in San Marino, Italy, and abroad.

Quality of relationships and services

The geographical context of San Marino, the architectural landscape of the Ancient Monastery of Santa Chiara - home of the University - and the scientific and pedagogical excellence - contribute significantly to the overall quality of the University environment and the ability to provide services to students and institutional partners.
The small number of students and teachers allows a particular care in personal relationships and provide good services.
We offer students computer, modeling, photography and video labs. We also offer ceramic and serigraphy workshops to develop skills with both ideation and realization of the product.
We also offer students a internship and placement tutoring service, to help students find internship and jobs in enterprises, institutions and professional firms.