Alma Mater Università degli Studi di Bologna dal 2017/18
Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino Corso di Laurea triennale in Design Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design

Interaction Design programme

Educational goals

The Interaction Design programme trains designers who can control the design of two and three-dimensional artefacts, with interdisciplinary skills in the areas of product, visual and interaction design, focusing attention on the relationship between the product and the many aspects of communication that determine the interface with the user and the product’s usability.


The teaching programme is based on design studios that focus on the fields of product, interaction and service design. The curriculum, which relates the themes of interaction design to the context of industrial product development, is completed by theory classes that explore the historical, critical, technological and economic components.

Production Studios

The availability of a prototyping laboratory allows the student to develop and explore the specific theoretical and methodological issues in interaction design, by means of processes that verify usability and psycho-cognitive factors. The simulations developed within this laboratory cover all the phases in the development of the project: from testing the interface to the perceptive and sensorial simulation with Arduino, from the physical and three-dimensional experience with the model to 3D printing of the artefact through rapid prototyping. This development of a functional prototype for the project within an authentic fablab allows the students to improve their control over the design process throughout their academic career. 


First year

  • Product design studio 1
  • Micro-technology and production processes
  • Theory and techniques of digital representation
  • The psychology of perception
  • Interaction design studio 1
  • Interaction theory

Second year

  • Product design studio 1
  • Contemporary design research
  • Foundations
  • of sound design
  • Interaction design studio 2
  • Economics and the contemporary market

Optional classes

  • Documentary and experimental filmmaking
  • Semiotics of artefacts
  • Intellectual property and contracts
  • Design history and criticism
  • Digital technology