Alma Mater Università degli Studi di Bologna dal 2017/18
Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino Corso di Laurea triennale in Design Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design

Motion Graphic Design Programme

Educational goals

The Motion Graphic Design programme provides an in-depth cultural understanding and highly specialized preparation in several areas of contemporary design: from film title design to television opening themes, from videos to enhanced books, from animation for the web to interactive installations.


The curriculum includes design studios that focus on the sphere of visual communication, animation and motion graphic design. The studios develop skills in the fundamental principles of motion graphic design from the point of view of both the design process and the technical requirements, maturing the decisions required to handle the various phases of a production, to understand the relationship between space and time, sound and image and the principal techniques of animation.

Production Studios

The exploration of motion design techniques is furthered by stimulating research into the integration of digital and analog-manual technology, using a film set that makes it possible to experiment with the different methods of animation. To produce their projects, students can count on a number of post-production stations and a render farm that speeds up the generation of 3D images. The complete curriculum of this educational programme will provide students with the skills they need, particularly in the area of design, to effectively manage motion graphics, which they will develop in the forms in which they appear in the contemporary context of communication. 


First year

  • Communication design studio 1
  • Video studio Semiotics of artefacts
  • Documentary and experimental filmmaking
  • Communication design studio 2
  • Digital technology
  • Design history and criticism

Second year

  • Communication design studio 3
  • Contemporary design research
  • Foundations of sound design
  • Systems for elaborating information

Optional classes

  • Theory and techniques of representation
  • Economics and the contemporary market
  • Intellectual property and contracts
  • The psychology of perception
  • Interaction theory