Alma Mater Università degli Studi di Bologna dal 2017/18
Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino Corso di Laurea triennale in Design Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design


To study design at the University of the Republic of San Marino means to get a college education in the field of product and visual design, to work with excellent teachers, to have access to qualified services, and to be part of a selected number of students.
The designer creates artifacts, tools and services of our world. More precisely, they work – along with professionals in business companies, institutions, or firms - to identify, plan, design, produce, communicate, distribute and dispose of all that is produced artificially to inhabit and live on our planet.
Just to name a few, studying design allows you to work in the research and development of individual and collective transportation; of home and office’s furniture; of books, newspapers, and websites layouts; and of electronic devices’ apps.

Quality of life in San Marino and at UNIRSM
The geographical context of San Marino, the architectural landscape of the Ancient Monastery of Santa Chiara - home of the University - and the scientific and pedagogical excellence – all contribute significantly to the overall quality of the University environment and the ability to provide services to students and institutional partners.
Small class size and a low student-teacher ratio provide a great mentoring environment, offering students the opportunity to have a better personal interaction with their teachers. Students have access to computer, modeling, photography, and video labs. We provide ceramic and serigraphy workshops, in order to develop product ideation’s and realization’s skills.
We also offer students internship and placement tutoring service; we help students find internship and jobs in enterprises, institutions and professional firms.

Partner Universities for international students exchange

Currently, UNIRSM has signed international students mobility agreements with:

Academie Charpentier – Paris, France
UNB - Universidade de Brasilia, Brasil
UFMA - Universidade Federal do Maranhão, Brasil
SUPSI - Scuola universitaria professionale, Switzerland
PUPR - Pontificia Università Cattolica del Paranà, Brasil
FAUD - Universidad Nacional de Cordoba - Argentine

If your university is not one of them, please ask yours university's international office to get in contact with our international office to discuss agreement opportunities:
International Relations

Ects and Grades System

The University of San Marino uses the European Ects Credit System, and has adopted the same grades system used in Italian universities.
The Italian grading system ranges from 18/30 to 30/30. The highest mark (30/30) is with distinction. All the exams under 18/30 are considered as “not passing” and thus are not registered on the final transcript of records.


We have different procedures for students coming from Schengen and Extra-Schengen area.
Please contact the international office for more information

Health service

Non-EU citizens are required to take out private health insurance before leaving their home country and to obtain a consular declaration regarding its validity in Italy  



for more information:

International Office
M. Elena D’Amelio
+ 378 0549 885472